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Despite the best of plans, sometimes horses have their own agenda.  Not long ago, we were excited about a quick get away to our local favorite mountain town, Boone, NC. We were all packed and seconds from leaving when we received a text from the barn where Cowboy was being boarded, indicating that he had injured himself to the point of likely needing stitches.

We quickly made peace with the fact that our plans were immediately diverted into a trip to the farm to be with Cowboy. We were very thankful that we had not already left town!

Upon arriving, we found Cowboy standing as thought nothing had even happened, however the shock to the extent of his injury nearly brought us all to the floor. His beautiful face had been gashed open to the bone in a long, bloody, gaping mess.

Luckily the vet arrived at the same time that we did, so we were all ready to step into action. The first step was sedating Cowboy, to the point the we had to hold his head up for the vet during her two hour visit. You would not believe the intense weight of holding up a horse’s head!! It felt like we were supporting a building, all the while having a front row seat to a graphic show beyond any movie we have ever watched.

Despite the drama of the bloody sight, Cowboy did very well and remained calm the entire time. As upsetting as the wound was to see, it would have been far worse to see him upset, so thankfully that was never the case.  He seemed to enjoy our company despite the cause of our meeting.

Three hours, twenty six staples, and thirty stitches later, Cowboy was pulled back together and ready to begin his journey of healing.

To our delight, his wound healed beautifully and without complication. He now has a lovely bay patch on his face marking a portion of the site of his injury.

To this day, we are not sure how or why he brought such a gash to his face. We suspect he challenged the gate that separated him form his lovely girlfriend in the neighboring pasture…living right up to his name, Cowboy Casanova.