Hi everybody! I am writing up a quick blog post due to many of you asking for specific Rolex details.

I WILL be making a vlog (yay!!), as it has been highly requested.  If you have any ideas of what you would like to see included in the vlog, please let us know in the comments.

MEET AND GREET DETAILS: Saturday, April 30th,  Alex Banks (@aebphotography), Alex Agnifilo (@alexagnifilo), Chelsea (im_riding_miss_daisy), Jill Treece (@jeteventing), Kendahl Holden (@ktnphotography_), Logan Webb (@loquestrian), will be hosting a meet and greet with us at the park after all cross country rides finish (around 2pm ideally). Due to the high chance of heavy rain, the exact location details will not be set in stone until Friday afternoon, so stay tuned!  Madi and I will be wearing our beautiful, brand new style Paradise blue Ibach Equestrian T-Shirt that we LOVE!  We are hoping to have those who attend the meet and greet sign our shirt for the ultimate Rolex souvenir. We will have extras on hand for anyone who is interested in doing the same.  For those of you (the majority of our amazing social media family)  who will not be there, we are now featuring this special edition tee in our store!  We will only offer this special edition tee over the Rolex weekend, so please buy yours today (link to store is on our blog).

Make sure to add me (Reagan) on snapchat, as I will be sharing my experiences with you all through my stories! Username – ibachreagan

I am absolutely ecstatic to attend the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event for the 3rd year in a row!  We cannot wait to see old friends and make many new friends as well!

We wish the best of luck to all of the horses and riders!

XOXO, Reagan