Hiking and exploring are our absolute favorite things to do, especially when it’s summer and waterfalls are involved. This year, we started off our annual waterfall adventures at the amazing Dupont State Forest, visiting Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, Looking Glass Falls, and Moore Cove Falls. They’re all breathtaking! The videos and pictures truly don’t do them justice.

Hooker Falls

Hooker Falls is the easiest waterfall to access in the Dupont State Forest. The hike is only less than a mile round trip along an easy, well worn path.  The large pool at the base of the falls is a popular swimming hole, perfect for refreshing dips on a hot summer day.

Moore Cove Falls

Moore Cove Falls is an easy and worthwhile hike of just under a mile along a creek with lush ferns, foliage, boardwalks, and wildflowers along the way.  The waterfall itself is an impressive free fall of over 50 feet with the average flow seen in our photos.  There are some impressive rocks to the right of the falls while offer a nice view and great picnic or viewing spot.

Triple Falls

Triple Falls is a very unique and incredibly expansive series of waterfalls with three cascading falls, offering the perfect picnic spot.  The hike is only one mile round trip, and is only one half a mile from Hooker Falls.  Triple Falls offers a great opportunity to safely get an up close view with expansive rocks and boulders for exploring.

Looking Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls is one of the easiest to access and incredibly beautiful waterfalls in North Carolina.  It’s name comes from Looking Glass Rock where water freezes on each side in the winter and then sparkles in the sun like a mirror.  The waterfall is over 60 feet tall!  The steps that lead down to the fall are user friendly, and even on crowded days there is plenty of room for all.  You can even swim under the falls!

Thanks so much for reading! Let us know where we should adventure next!