Hi guys!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on here! We’ve missed it. We just wanted to update you guys a bit on Apple and Cowboy, aka the stars of Everyday Ibach. :-)

(Madi) Apple is doing really, really well. She and I have been getting along really well lately, which is always a great thing…I’m sure some of you know how moody mares can be haha! 😉 Unfortunately, my riding schedule has been a bit on/off these past few weeks due to traveling, so she’s gotten a bit out of shape. And, of course, right as I was in town for a solid couple of weeks, she decided to mess up her leg (I don’t even know how). Thanks Apple!! Haha. It wasn’t a big deal, and she was totally fine after a few days. Obviously I gave her time off because of that though, so that interfered with riding.

So, yeah…this busy summer has not leant itself well to maintaining a fit horse. I didn’t “abandon” her by any means though. I’m with her everyday that I’m in town, and I have friends play with her while I’m out of town. Trust me, she’s happy pony. :-)

Honestly I think she’s enjoyed having more time to just be a horse! And it’s been nice not taking our riding sooo seriously. I’ve had more time to just be with my horse. We did join up for the first time in a while the other day, and it was such an amazing feeling to connect with her like that again. She and I are truly so bonded, and it was incredible to be reminded of that. #Soppy #NotGonnaWorryAboutIt


Cowboy is still happy as can be munching on grass and playing with his partner in crime, Einstein. As far as soundness goes, he is actually doing a lot better! I am able to sit on him, walk around and trot to a small extent, which is actually a pretty big deal considering his previous soundness issues. Still not where he should be, but I’m happy about it! He got new shoes yesterday so I am hoping that will help to an extent. I have been getting back into Liberty work with him a lot more recently, and he LOVES it. He is seriously such an amazing, personable horse with a puppy dog personality. I know that this is a rather brief update, but point being, he is a happy, healthy horse. That’s all I could ask for!


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Madi and Reagan