The opportunities we’ve received thanks to our social media presence has been quite humbling, to say the least. We’ve worked with many fantastic companies, such as Asmar Equestrian, Equi In Style, Total Saddle Fit, Noble Outfitters, Daniel Wellington, Aztec Diamond Equestrian, and more. Our annual meet and greet at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event grows each year, and is always an amazing, incredibly humbling experience. Words cannot express how much we love meeting the people that make all of this possible! Our social media also connected us with Alisha Newton, who is an actress on the Canadian hit series, Heartland. In September of 2015, we flew to Calgary, and had the honor of going on set and meeting the cast. Our recent partnership with US Equestrian has undoubtedly been a highlight. Their “Joy Campaign” is parallel with what we have always focused on: the joy we receive from these magnificent animals. It is something that every horse-lover, regardless of age, discipline, or level, can appreciate and relate to. We were invited to the USEF Annual Meeting held in Lexington, Kentucky, where we also attended the 100th Anniversary Celebration, Pegasus Awards Dinner, and Horse Of The Year Awards Gala. The phenomenal connections we made that trip will never be forgotten. We cannot wait to see what doors this partnership will open in the future!

Sidelines Magazine

We were so honored and excited to be in the recent publication of the incredible “Sidelines Magazine.”

WCNC Interview

We were asked by our local TV station, WCNC Charlotte, to do an interview for being the Charlotte area’s “Biggest Social Media Stars.”  Naturally, we were honored by their request, and happily accepted the opportunity.  By clicking on this link, you can see the full interview.  Even though we spoke with them for over an hour, the edited piece is only a few minutes.  We hope that you all will accept our sincere thanks for making this possible.  After all, it is because of your loyalty, kindness, and support that this is possible.

WCNC Interview Video

USEF Annual Meeting

A few photos from our trip to Lexington, KY for the USEF Annual Meeting…

We are honored to have been featured in many publications (both online and print), such as…

Practical Horseman

It was such a delight to meet Nancy Jaffer from Practical Horseman Magazine at the 2017 Pegasus Awards. After a wonderful interview, we were featured in Practical Horseman’s Wrap-up Postcard: 2017 U.S. Equestrian Federation Meeting.

The Plaid Horse

What a wonderful surprise to find that “The Plaid Horse” recommended me (Reagan) among the “Six Instagram Accounts that you SHOULD be Following.”

Horse Lifestyle

One of our favorite TV networks, Horse Lifestyle, featured us in their ‘My Horse Lifestyle’ series.

The Carolina’s Equestrian

We are thrilled to have been featured in one of our all time favorite magazines, ‘The Carolina’s Equestrian’!

Charlotte Observer

We were featured in our local newspaper, The Charlotte Observer, as one of Charlotte, NC’s “Most followed on social media.”

Horse Protection Society

Our first donation was made to Horse Protection Society. We are forever in awe of what they do, and are honored to have been able to help them.

Young Rider

Back in September 2014, we had our first feature in a magazine, ‘Young Rider’. We were ecstatic about it! The feedback we received was incredible.